Senior Analyst

Are you our new Senior Health Tech Analyst?

We are tech entrepreneurs with a business and health background. We are aiming high and taking on significant challenges. Not alone, we’re an energetic community supported by great partners.

You are a senior analyst with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in analysing health data, market trends, market intelligence and analytics. You appreciate how data, insights and visualisations can pave the way for change and you are excited about building customised tools that can be used to understand the market better. You have demonstrated great skills in condensing and communicating complex matters in an accessible and convincing way – taking the target audience into consideration.

As a part of the role, you will represent us in the Health Tech Nordic initiative and be the owner of the Danish portfolio of startups.

We need your help in analyzing data around the start-up ecosystem to both better help our start-ups make the right decisions, as well as to keep track of global trends, outstanding start-ups, and unique insights. We are on a mission to grow and drive the health tech sector forward and the end goal of it all is to enable the hub to positively impact 1 billion people’s lives.

If this endeavour excites you and you want to join our team, please write us a few lines (in English), share your profile and send us, what represents you best: a CV, a clip, a piece of your portfolio, a showcase of previous work etc.

What we want to achieve

Accelerate the adoption of clever health tech solutions in order to reach the people they are meant to serve by:

· Supporting startups to grow healthy and build top solutions. Continuously.

· Working with health providers, industry, patients, regions, communities and government to prepare the system for adopting the best solutions and facilitating this adoption.

Experience that we value

· You are used to working with many data points and love the value numbers and data can provide for insights and decision support.

· You’re analytical. You seek best practice and re-deliver them. When there are no best practices, your work creates them.

· You know how to visually display analytics.

· You are a good project manager, who can structure your own projects and manage them with very little help.

· You might have worked with start-ups, investments and funds before.

· You like tech & data and you’re able to build up neat tools for that.

· You’re commercially sharp. Everyone at the Hub is growing a business. You understand their struggles and are able to spare with them on relevant areas.

Traits we value

· You’re multi-skilled and understand how the many parts of health and tech connect with each other and the world.

· You’re able to make sense of uncertainty and help others see the opportunities in change.

· You’re quick to adapt.

Mindsets we value

· You like people. You give and share without an instant expectation to receive something in return.

· You love to exceed expectations.

· You’re a strong advocate and user of collaboration as an engine for progress.

· You have an expansive international outlook.

· You believe ethical business is good business. Our goal is to make sure clever health tech ultimately reaches and serves the people.

Ways of working that we value

· You’re output driven and don’t need step by step guidance in your work.

· You take ownership of what you do.

· You contribute to discussion, plans, ambitions.

· You jump on solutions and do not linger on problems.


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